Conjunctions Quiz

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Task No. 183
Choose the Correct Answer for the Questions Below. It tests what you learned on the Conjunctions pages.

This task is about Conjunctions. If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

Conjunction (Kasa Sambung) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Answer the following questions.

Question 1

The words "although", "since" and "unless" are examples of common _____ conjunctions.

Question 2

Which type of conjunction joins two parts of a sentence that are grammatically equal?

Question 3

When "and" is used with the last word of a list, a comma is

Question 4

A subordinating conjunction comes ________ of a dependent clause.

Question 5

The word "although" can be used to join a dependent clause to a

Question 6

The words "and", "but" and "so" are often classified as _____ conjunctions.

Question 7

Another word for an independent clause is a

Question 8

The main job of a conjunction is to _____ two parts of a sentence.

Question 9

Coordinating conjunctions always come _____ the words or clauses that they join.

Question 10

Which of the following is a "compound" conjunction?

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