Comparative Adjectives Quiz

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Task No. 164
Choose the Correct Answer for the Questions Below. It tests what you learned on the Comparative Adjectives page.

This task is about What is Degrees of Comparison. If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

What is Degrees of Comparison? – Definition and Example

Answer the following questions.

Question 1

Which is correct? "This year the weather is ______ than last year."

Question 2

Which is correct? "English is _______ Japanese."

Question 3

Which is correct? "Do you think Maria is _______ than Selena?"

Question 4

A long adjective of 3 or more syllables is changed into a comparative adjective by

Question 5

Which is not a comparative form of the adjective "clever"?

Question 6

Which is the comparative form? "I'm strong, but my brother is _______ ."

Question 7

Which is comparative? "Whose English is _______? Mine or his?"

Question 8

Many adjectives are changed into the comparative form by adding

Question 9

Which is the correct comparative form? "My phone's expensive, but Joe's is _______ ."

Question 10

Comparative adjectives are used when comparing _______ things, people or groups.

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