1st, 2nd & 3rd Conditional Sentences – Exercise 5

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Task No. 113
Put in the correct phrases and form a conditional sentence (type I, II, III). Watch the verbs in (brackets).

This task is about Conditional Sentences. If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

Conditional Sentence

Answer the following question.

Question 1

You would find the milk if you (to look) in the fridge.

Question 2

Dad (to arrive) safe if he drove slowly.

Question 3

If you (to swim) in this lake, you'll get covered in mud.

Question 4

The door will unlock if you (to press) the button.

Question 5

If you spoke louder, the audience (to hear) you.

Question 6

If we meet at 9:30, we (to have) plenty of time.

Question 7

The judge would have sent him to prison if he (to lose) the case.

Question 8

You (to have) no trouble at school if you had done your homework.

Question 9

If Petra (to ask) her teacher, he'd have answered her questions.

Question 10

I (to call) the office if I were you.

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