Reported Speech – Backshift of Tenses – Exercise 1

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Task No. 126
Which is the correct ending of the sentence in Reported Speech? Choose from the multiple choice menu and mind the tenses of the reporting verbs.

This task is about Reported Speech . If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

Penjelasan Reported Speech Beserta Contohnya

Answer the following question.

Question 1

Mark: "I don't know what to do."
Mark added (that) ------------------

Question 2

Sarah: "Simon is out riding his new bike today."
Sarah explained (that) ------------------

Question 3

James and Scott: "We have to go now."
James and Scott tell me (that) ------------------

Question 4

Matt: "Ken is nice to Judy."
Matt thinks (that) ------------------

Question 5

Susan: "They live in Berlin."
Susan said (that) ------------------

Question 6

Sean: "Max doesn't like school."
Sean told me (that ) ------------------

Question 7

Jake: "I often have a big breakfast."
Jake says (that) ------------------

Question 8

John: "David often plays computer games."
John added (that) ------------------

Question 9

Helena: "Monica doesn't like parties."
Helena explains (that) ------------------

Question 10

Petra: "She speaks Chinese."
Petra remarks (that) ------------------

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