Adjective or Adverb – Exercise 5

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Task No. 138
Rewrite the word in brackets as adverb or adjective.

This task is about adverb. If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

Adverb; Definition and Example

Answer the following question.

Question 1

Susan looks . What's the matter with her? (sad)

Question 2

Don't walk so . (slow)

Question 3

Don't speak so . I can't hear you. (quiet)

Question 4

This fish tastes . (awful)

Question 5

This food smells . (good)

Question 6

Don't speak so . I can't understand you. (fast)

Question 7

John is upset about crashing his car. (terrible)

Question 8

The driver was injured. (bad)

Question 9

Be with that plate. It's hot. (careful)

Question 10

Max is stupid. (extreme)

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